Founded in May 2020, amidst the COVID-19 global pandemic, Booze Scoops set out to create liquor-infused frozen treats with popular tropical cocktails in mind. With four simple flavors - Mango Tequila Twist, Papaya Rum, Pineapple Henny Express, and Remy Raspberry Blast - the Booze Scoops brand was established. Booze Scoops is handcrafted and uses all natural ingredients and locally sourced fresh fruit in each sorbet. 

Inspired by the rich and vibrant culture of the Caribbean, Booze Scoop’s sorbet and ice cream flavors are built on familiar island ingredients coupled with common liquor offerings. The menu offers a boozy mix of sorbet and ice cream. Krystal Gittens is the Chief Creative Officer and mastermind behind Booze Scoops’s frozen treats menu, which transports you to the soft beaches and the clear blue waters of the islands.